Road Trip

We’ve been in Maine for a week, rehearsing hard.  We haven’t had reliable internet at the house until now, hence my radio silence.  There’s so much to tell!  But first, how about a photo essay on our road trip from New York City to Stonington?

The OHA van departed Brooklyn at 9am. By about 10:30, it was cruising north with a cargo of five actors, one composer, several instruments, at least six suitcases, and a small container of figs–actual figs, not a snake. This will come up again later.

We stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for lunch and ran into a few other members of our Stonington–bound company. Left to right: Michael, Jeffrey, Christian, Per, Stephanie, Amy, and Sutton. Look at all those lovely people.

This Is Where We Had Lunch.

The Portsmouth Brewery has been a stop along the way for many generations of OHA-bound performers.

This is What We Colored While We Had Lunch.

I mean, they gave us crayons and they gave us a coloring page called “A Good Garden.”  Sutton, Amy, and I did some good work.  Version 1, above, is captioned, “Hello Flowers,” while in version 2 the protagonist comments, “I’m just experimenting…I mean watering my earth plants.”  As are we all.  As are we all.

Monkey Tee, Monkey Do.

In Maine they sell t-shirts and monkeys are involved.

Per, Amy, Sutton, and Melody are not touching the moose.

Don’t Touch the Moose.

Also in Maine, there are moose-related photo shoots, like, all the time.  Per, Amy, Sutton, and Melody are not touching the moose.  The moose might be touching Sutton, though.

‘Cuz see, they had a sign.

After not touching the moose, Sutton and Amy also did not touch the baby bears.  Then we got back in the van and drove the last few hours to Stonington.

Roadtrip Sunset.

The sun sets on a long day’s journey on the road to the Opera House.  Bedtime for weary travelers…I do promise to tell you more about figs and the snake soon.  Before we go, though, what about one little peak at things to come?

Here is our space

This is where we make our play.

Let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch

Of the ranged empire fall!  Here is my space.

Kingdoms are clay:  our dungy earth alike

Feeds beast as man:  the nobleness of life

Is to do thus; when such a mutual pair

And such a twain can do’t…

–Antony to Cleopatra, Act I, Scene 1


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